Installing IT Upgrades For Your Business

Posted on: 27 December 2021


IT upgrades are always a major undertaking for businesses due to the potential for major disruptions from these projects. Whenever your company is needing to make upgrades to its IT infrastructure, it is important to consider the full range of steps that will be needed to optimize the results that you get from your new equipment.

Consider The Speed And Data Capacity Of The IT Components

Whenever you are buying new components for your company's networking systems, the capacity of these systems and the speed that they can provide will be critical factors. Failing to be mindful of these limitations on these components could lead to you buying devices that will be unable to provide your workers with all the tools that they will need to effectively do their tasks. When working with a professional IT service, they will be able to help you assess the bandwidth that your workers will need so that the appropriate equipment can be installed. For businesses that regularly work with video or other large files, it is essentially critical to purchase components that are capable of providing sufficient capacity. Otherwise, your workers may find that they have to wait for considerable amounts of time to send files back forth between their workstation and the primary server.

Secure Any IT Components

To keep your company's systems safe and secure, it is imperative to take steps to harden the entire network against intrusions. While this may seem obvious with servers, business leaders may fail to realize that this should also apply to routers and any other part of the network that someone could gain access through. Otherwise, hostile actors could gain access to the network, which may allow for them to cause widespread damage or to compromise additional portions of the network. When installing any new components, you should secure them with password-protected access if it is available. This may make it slightly more complicated to integrate these systems into your network, but it will be necessary for keeping your company's network and sensitive data as safe as possible.

Protect New Networking Components From Power Surges

A power surge can have the capability of knocking out much of your company's IT infrastructure. Unfortunately, it is often the case that many of the routers and other networking components may not be protected against this type of damage. This could be a major vulnerability to the IT systems. Surge suppression devices will need to be checked periodically to ensure that they are still offering effective protection. Many of these devices may only be suited to withstand one powerful surge before they will need to be replaced.

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