3 Common Laptop Problems That Need Professional Computer Repair

Posted on: 11 October 2021


A laptop breakdown can be a career disaster if most of your data is on the computer. While most people use cell phones for communication, the laptop has become indispensable in today's work environment, especially for people working at home. But laptops are vulnerable to damage from a variety of threats. They are also complex gadgets that are not easily repaired on your own. What are some common problems you can expect to take to a professional computer repair shop as a laptop owner?

Misbehaving Keyboard

If you own a laptop, you may have spilled coffee or water on it. This problem is common because it is normal to have a drink while working. The spilled liquid penetrates to the circuits underneath and causes an electrical short.

Your keyboard will also develop wear and tear with use over time. Letters and numbers wear out, and keys become too loose or stuck. You will also have some keys that stick when they are pushed, which can be disastrous because it sends continuous commands.

Fortunately, a faulty keyboard doesn't pose a critical system failure because a keyboard is easily replaceable. But it needs to be done in a professional computer repair shop because the laptop must be taken apart to get to the keyboard.

Screen Damage

This damage is also very common because it is the most delicate and vulnerable part of the laptop. The screen is at risk of damage from dropping or swinging objects. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most expensive laptop parts.

Whether your laptop suffers partial or full damage, it becomes impossible to work with if the screen is broken. You need the assistance of a professional computer repair shop to replace a screen. It is a delicate procedure because errors can damage the new screen and you will need to buy another.


Laptops are prone to overheating because of their compact design and smaller ventilation pathways. The most common cause of overheating is dust blockage in the ventilation vents. You can easily wipe or blow off the dust in many cases.

A bigger problem would be a faulty ventilation fan. When it doesn't work, you will notice your laptop overheating to the point of shutting the laptop down. Unfortunately, there is little you can do apart from replacing the faulty fan. For this, take it to a computer repair shop for the attention of a skilled technician.

An outdated system can cause overheating because components are out of sync. Tinkering around with your laptop's system is a risky undertaking that is better handled by a computer repair shop.

Is your laptop behaving badly and causing disruptions? Visit a computer repair shop for diagnosis and repair of your laptop's problem.