Advantages Of Signing Up For A Multi-Year Home Internet Plan

Posted on: 15 August 2018


When you sign up for a home internet plan with a high-speed internet provider, you'll commonly be focused on not only the price but also the technical specifications that the plan offers —namely, the download speed and upload speed. You should also give some thought to the duration of the plan's contract. While one-year home internet plans are common, you'll often come across multi-year plans, too. Signing up for such a plan — for two years, for example — can be advantageous for you for a number of reasons. Here are three reasons that you'll want to consider.

Long-Term Cost Savings

When you sign up for a multi-year home internet plan, you're essentially locking in your rate for the duration of your contract. Sometimes, internet companies raise their rates over the years due to a number of factors, but you'll be exempt from this increase after the 12-month mark if you've signed up for a two-year plan. For example, someone who signs up for a one-year plan might pay $75 per month for the first year, but then see his or her monthly rate go to $80 after the first year. If you signed up to $75 for two years, you'll be ahead financially in the long run.

Availability Of Bonus Features

Home internet companies want to show their appreciation to customers who sign up for multi-year plans, so you may have some bonus features available to you that those who sign up for shorter plans can't get. The list of such bonuses can vary according to the company. For example, if your package gives you 250 gigabytes per month of bandwidth, you may get access to 300 gigabytes per month because you chose to sign up for a multi-year package.

No Fussing At The One-Year Mark

Home internet users often choose to call their internet service provider at the end of their one-year plan to discuss pricing. For example, if you've noticed your first bill after the one-year mark has increased by a few dollars, you might call to try to negotiate your rate back to its previous mark. If you're the average person who doesn't overly enjoy negotiating the cost of things, this phone call can seem difficult for you to make. In fact, you may put it off for a few weeks or even months, and have it in your mind much of the time. When you sign up for a multi-year plan right away, you'll avoid this fuss at the one-year mark.