Is Your Computer Old And Running Slow? Get Help From Computer Repair Professionals

Posted on: 13 February 2018


When you first hooked up your computer, you may have been amazed at the speed of everything. But, after several years, computer parts that were once top-of-the-line are now slow compared to new releases. When you combine all the operating system service packs, updates, and new applications running in the background, your computer can slow down by a noticeable degree.

If you find that you are spending a lot of time waiting in between each task on your computer, you should get help from computer repair professionals to resolve this problematic situation.

Start with the Existing System

Although your parts will not be able to compete with newer systems, this does not always mean that your only solution is replacing various parts. A professional will look at your computer to determine what programs or background applications could be bogging down your system. They may find a clear-cut answer that has led to a considerable decline in computer speeds.

In some cases, they may only be able to increase the speeds by a small degree. This is when you will want a professional to look for other possibilities to improve how your computer runs.

Analyze Current Parts

A thorough analysis of every part inside your computer will provide a lot of valuable information to a computer repair expert. Since they will understand what causes slowdowns and where the newly released parts are at in terms of performance, they can determine what is lacking.

While it may not be common, some parts may not operate to their full potential. A check in the BIOS may reveal that the RAM is not running at the speeds it should be able to achieve. Making changes in the BIOS may lead to enough of an improvement to hold off on any part upgrades.

Make Upgrades

An ideal situation may have you only need to add an extra stick or two of RAM at an affordable price. If your computer is old enough, you may need to replace the CPU. This may also require you to replace the motherboard if the current one is not compatible with the newer models.

If you are noticing that the main problem is in playing games, especially newer ones, you may need to replace the power supply so that you can meet the power needs of a new graphics card.

Getting help from a service like Computer Medics is the easiest path to a reliable fix for a slow computer.