Three Reasons Why Your Company Needs Proper WiFi Design And What That Entails

Posted on: 11 July 2017


When you own and operate a company that occupies a building of more than four stories, or you own more than one building for operations, you need a wirless LAN to make communications systems work. Intra-company communications as well as B2B and B2C communications nowadays rely heavily on email and internet connections. As such, you should look into hiring the experts in WiFi design in your area. Here are some more reasons why, as well as what that process entails.

Better Security

First and foremost, the best WiFi connections for your company are also the ones that provide ultimate security. You have a lot at risk if someone on the street can just walk by and connect to your WiFi at will.  You want to avoid as much non-business and non-employee interference as you can while maintaining your company's information and integrity. Better WiFi design equals far better security.

Better Communication Between Bases of Operation

If you recently bought a second building from which to conduct business, you may want your primary building and employees to "talk" to the second building and its employees on a regular basis. Telephone representatives frequently conduct business this way, especially when calls need to be escalated up the proverbial food chain. If your two buildings are just a hop, skip, and a jump away from each other, you can actually run a cable between the two buildings and join their respective LANs. (The capability and determination of this process is made through your service provider's designer.) If it can be done and is executed well by your communications systems provider, there is little need for land-based communications between the two buildings.

Company-Distributed Cellphones for Business Purposes

Employees are going to bring their phones to work. Despite company policies, there is generally no stopping individuals from carrying their own phones. However, you want to protect company information. Issuing cellphones for business purposes only has become quite popular for a lot of companies. Not only is company security and integrity maintained, but all communications on these phones can be monitored and recorded. To execute this, you need to include it in your request for WiFi design services.

What Proper WiFi Design Entails

WiFi design is creating a scalable communications system that allows your entire company to interface on a wireless connection. There are varying factors for each company's individual needs that do not allow for a "cookie cutter" WiFi design. As such, communications systems designers work to create a plan of services that fit your company to a "T," and then install any and all necessary hardware to make that happen.

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