Software As A Service: An Intro For Not Tech-Savvy Business Owners

Posted on: 15 June 2017


When the age of the internet first began, it completely changed how businesses functioned in general. Many business owners went the route of installing expensive software and programs on their computers to keep up with the latest changes and see their businesses function on an entirely different level. However, with time, the task of regularly updating business software has become one that is costly and daunting because changes happen at such a rapid rate. This is where the need for software as a service (SaaS) was born. If you are not a tech-savvy person, SaaS can sound complicated. The following information should catch you up to speed on the topic.

What exactly is SaaS?

SaaS is basically software that is provided as a service that is offered instead of a single program that you buy. So, SaaS makes it possible for you to go to a provider who will host the software you need, without you actually having to install the software in your systems and utilize your own space. The SaaS is delivered via an internet connection, so the computers in your place of business will simply login and connect to the off-site software instead of using software that is installed on those computers. 

What advantages does SaaS offer over traditional software?

SaaS offers a whole list of advantages over traditional software. A few examples of the primary benefits include:

  • no need to make costly upgrades 
  • no time spent installing new software on your own network of computers 
  • accessibility to live help desk representatives for program issues
  • less down time 
  • less need for on-site space for storing software data

How difficult are SaaS programs to use?

SaaS programs can be built and catered to your particular business or trade, even though the software is not technically on your systems. Therefore, you will be given access to a software program that is set up in a way that you know will be easy for you and other employees to use. Navigation through most programs is as simple as browsing the web or using some of the most well known web interfaces, such as eBay. 

As someone who is not well versed in the world of internet technology, SaaS can sound a little intimidating to you as a business owner. However, SaaS is designed to uncomplicate the complexities that would go along with usual software needs. Reach out to a software service provider, like Advanced Business Systems, for more insight on SaaS services.